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I have loved the mail since I learned how it worked in the first grade. Fascinating, really. I love the idea that I can put something in a little box, it takes a trip, and is then delivered to someone to touch, feel + smell. This is a side love of mine, for friends and anyone who wants to share the love of snail mail. :)


In 2017 ThinkPad turned 25! 🎉🎉🎉  To celebrate each year, 25 unique creative pieces were made - each inspired by a different slice of history from ThinkPad’s 25 years. This one right here? Inspired by ThinkPad being *the* trusted laptop used by researchers to study climate change at artic base stations.


Second to Christmas, Halloween is my fav holiday. I love figuring out what to be, how its constructed + what materials to use. I’ve sewn + crafted each costume sneaking in a fun little design function that served a purpose. 2 real quick: CdG mask doubled as a backpack, ice cream cone swirl was completed when I hugged myself :)

junk food bouquet ︎

Bday for a friend!

3D glitter shit

I really like sparkly shit. 

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